The Native American Tale Edit

In the old days, Bear had a long and beautiful tail.  Bear would wave his tail around for all to see.  Fox decided to play a trick on Bear. It was winter so Fox dug a hole in the ice on the lake.  He caught several fish and laid them on the ice.  He waited for Bear to arrive. “Greetings, Brother,” said Bear.  “What are you doing?” “I am fishing,” answered Fox.  “Would you like to try?” “Oh, yes!” said Bear.  He moved toward Fox’s fishing hole, but Fox stopped him. “Wait, Brother” he said.  “This place isn’t any good.  I have caught all the fish.  I will make a new hole where you will catch many fish.” Bear agreed and so Fox made a fishing hole in a part of the lake too shallow for any fish. Fox then told Bear, “Now, put your tail in this hole and when a fish grabs it, I will tell you from a hiding place.  Then pull up your tail and eat the fish.” Bear agreed and Fox, laughing at his trick, went home to sleep. The next morning, Fox went to the lake and saw Bear asleep on the ice.  The water had frozen overnight and Bear’s tail was frozen in the ice. Fox went to sleeping Bear and yelled, “Now, Bear!” Bear woke up, pulled up his tail very hard, and his tail broke off in the ice. To this day, Bears have short tails and it is all because of Fox.